Green Tea Vs Green Coffee — Know The Difference Between The Two
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Green Tea Vs Green Coffee — Know The Difference Between The Two

The world's most frequently consumed beverage after water is tea. Coffee is also quite popular when it comes to beverages. Nothing can beat the goodness of green drinks when we talk about hot drinks. A lot of hype has been seen in the consumption of green tea and green coffee these days.

Green tea and green coffee have been considered among the best beverages to have when the goal is to lose weight.

Which one of these drinks is more beneficial for people trying to lose weight is what we will be discussing here.

How Does Green Tea Help in Weight Loss?

green tea vs green coffee difference

Green tea is extracted from a plant called 'Camellia Sinensis.' It has less caffeine and comes packed with health-promoting compounds. According to some researchers, consuming green tea could help lose weight and reduce the risk of several diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and other heart-related diseases.

It is also known for stimulating the nervous system and increasing the body's metabolism rate. A high level of antioxidants helps the body gain energy and the brain to perform better.

How does Green Coffee help in reducing weight?

green tea vs green coffee difference

Green coffee beans are unroasted and contain CGA, which they release when it is being roasted. CGA is a substance that helps the body handle its blood sugar levels and keeps the metabolism rate under control. Since the green coffee beans are unroasted, their CGA levels are much higher when compared to other forms of coffee. The CGA helps in burning fat faster.

Other than this, Green Coffee also provides the following benefits:

  • Regular intake of green coffee can make hair strong & healthy.
  • Green coffee improves memory skills in older people if they consume it for a more extended period.
  • The antioxidants present in green coffee contain anti-aging properties.
  • Consumption of green coffee extract can reduce high blood pressure.
  • It naturally detoxifies & cleanses the liver.

Green Tea Vs. Green Coffee: Which Is The Better Drink?

Both green coffee and green tea come with some exceptional health benefits. They improve one's health from deep inside, help burn fat, help flush out toxins and protect the skin from aging.

However, some recent studies have shown that green coffee is a lot more effective when it comes to weight loss. It is so because it delivers results much faster compared to green tea.

With that, one also needs to be patient. Also, let's not forget that these two drinks are not magic elixirs. Consumption of green tea, green coffee, or any other weight loss drink can only show visible results when you follow a proper diet and exercise regime.

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