How To Prepare Green Coffee? Make Green Coffee At Home | Simple Steps
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How To Prepare Green Coffee? Make Green Coffee At Home | Simple Steps

How to prepare green coffee is a frequently asked question that we'll be answering through this article.

Green coffee, as we all know, is a popular health supplement that is the unroasted form of coffee beans. It has higher amounts of chlorogenic acid than the roasted form.

Having Green coffee once or twice daily can help lose weight due to its anti-obesity property. It might also prove beneficial in managing high blood pressure as it has antihypertensive & antioxidant properties. Green coffee has a lot of other benefits as well.

Green coffee might also help you to manage blood sugar levels.

During the process of coffee roasting, most of the acid is burned out, which potentially limits the regular coffee's weight-loss effects.

But unlike the roasted coffee beans, unroasted coffee beans still contain all of the original chlorogenic acids. This suggests that they may be more helpful in achieving the weight loss goal than their roasted counterparts.

For this same reason, it is believed that green coffee may be perfect for metabolism, and people drink it with or just after a meal.

Brewing Procedure

We've come across many doubts about the preparation of green coffee. The steps to prepare it are really simple. You'll be glad to know that green coffee needs less than 2 mins to be ready. All you need to do is follow these simple steps, and you're good to go!!

Step 1: Take 120 ml of hot water (about 90°C) in a cup.
Step 2: Take a sachet of coffee from the box and empty its contents into the cup.
Step-3: Mix & stir well.
Step-4: Enjoy!

Where can I buy Green Coffee?

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