3 Reasons To Drink Green Coffee This Winter

3 Reasons To Drink Green Coffee This Winter

Coffee may have its place as a healthy beverage, but green coffee is often touted as the miracle drink for your mug. That’s especially true with busy holiday schedules; here’s why you should drink the green stuff regularly this holiday season.

Weight-management wonder:

For many, the holiday season is the worst time for maintaining diet goals. During the season of indulgences, then, every little bit helps. Drinking green coffee regularly has been shown to help suppress appetite and increase your metabolism — both of which can help you save or burn a few calories while you celebrate this season.

Sickness Prevention:

Nonstop shopping, traveling, and socializing can mean the combination of cold-inducing pathogens and a weakened immune system, so give yours a boost with green coffee. Several studies have shown that green coffee has antiviral properties; one study found that taking green coffee helped prevent health-care workers from catching the flu, and another found that Japanese schoolchildren who drank green coffee for six days a week or more were less likely to catch the flu.

Stress Relief:

Curling up with a warm beverage can be relaxing; especially when the rest of your day is hectic, but drinking too much caffeine has its downsides. Too much caffeine can lead to anxiety, stress, and trouble sleeping, so if you find yourself running out for a coffee break or having friends over for a cup several times a day, switch to green coffee. Not only does green coffee contain only half the amount of caffeine than a normal cup of coffee, but many people also say green coffee's fresh, grassy flavor helps them relax.

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