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How to brew Green Coffee?


We have come across with many doubts regarding the preparation of the green coffee. The steps are really simple and will help you in preparing the green coffee. You may be happy to know that it can be prepared in less than 2 mins. Yes, you read it correctly! It will take less than 2 mins to prepare the beverage. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Step-1: Take 120 ml hot water (about 90°C) in a coffee cup.
Step-2: Take a sachet from the box and empty it into the cup.

Empty the sachet into a cup. Add 150ml of hot water. Stir well to dissolve.  Ready to Sip.

Step-3: Mix and stir well.
Step-4: Ready to Sip

Your green coffee is ready for consumption. For better results consume twice a day.

Remember: The coffee is best enjoyed as a light brew without milk or sugar.

You can also serve the green coffee in chilled form by following the similar steps. Cheers to good health!


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