5 Café-Styled Cold Coffee Drinks to Make at Home

5 Café-Styled Cold Coffee Drinks to Make at Home

Refreshing Cold Coffee On a Warm Day

There is nothing quite like a refreshing cold coffee on a warm day. Cold coffee is a beverage made from coffee that is brewed, chilled, and served cold. Cold coffee can be customized with various flavors, syrups, and toppings. In this article, we’ll explore cafe-styled cold brew so that it can come in handy for your next coffee mood.

These café-style cold coffee drinks are perfect for cooling down and energizing yourself throughout the day. Experiment with different flavors and ingredients to find your perfect blend, and enjoy the satisfaction of making your delicious cold coffee at home.

Must-Try Café-Inspired Cold Coffee Recipes

There are several types of cold coffee, each with unique characteristics, flavors, and preparation methods.

List of 5 Unique Coffees to Try

1. Iced coffee:

Iced coffee is made by brewing coffee, often pouring it over the ice. It retains the strong flavour of green coffee but is served chill. You can customize your coffee by adding milk, sweetener, and cream. It can also brewed without milk/cream.

A visual representation of an iced coffee glass.

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Lemon Instant Coffee - Cold / Iced Coffee, 20 Sachets

2. Lemon cold coffee:

Lemon cold coffee, just like a cold brew made by adding an instant lemon green coffee sachet to iced cold water. The beverage can be prepared chilled or hot as per your choice.

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3. Nitro cold brew:

Nitro cold brew involves the infusion of cold coffee with nitrogen gas, creating a creamy, frothy texture without adding milk/cream. This results in a smooth and slightly sweet-flavoured coffee. Nitro cold brew served without ice to preserve its creamy head.

A glass of Nitro Cold Brew with splashing coffee from behind.

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A glass of delicious looking frappucino with a dark chocolate background

4. Frappuccino:

frappuccino is a blended iced coffee made by blending coffee, milk, cream, and sweetener until frothy and smooth. It has a texture similar to a milkshake. It can also be made in a variety of flavours by adding vanilla ice cream, caramel, or chocolate syrup. Frappuccino is the most popular and easy to make at home.


5. Affogato:

An affogato is a simple yet indulgent coffee dessert, where a shot of hot espresso is poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato. The hot espresso melts the ice cream slightly, creating a flavourful contrast of hot and cold, creamy and intense coffee flavour. It is typically served as a dessert rather than a beverage.

A creamy looking glass of affagato


Cold coffee offers a delightful and versatile way to enjoy the beloved flavors of coffee in a refreshing form. Whether you prefer the healthful cup of unroasted coffee, the smoothness of cold brew, the creaminess of a frappé, or the indulgence of an affogato, there's a cold coffee option to suit every taste. As its popularity continues to grow, cold coffee remains a staple for coffee lovers seeking both refreshments and a caffeine kick.
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