Is Drinking Green Coffee Keeps You Hydrated?

Is Drinking Green Coffee Keeps You Hydrated?

DRINKING GREEN COFFEE keeps you just as hydration as water, according to research.

Research suggests that green coffee, typically known for its stimulating properties, may also serve as an unexpected ally in maintaining proper hydration levels. Rich in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds, green coffee offers a refreshing and hydrating alternative to traditional beverages. In this article, we delve into the hydrating properties of green coffee and explore its potential benefits for overall well-being.

Experts believe that flavonoids are the key ingredient in green coffee that promotes health. These polyphenol antioxidants are found in many foods and plants, including green coffee beans, and have been shown to help prevent cell damage.

I still believe that pure water should be your primary drink, making up the majority of your daily fluid intake, but adding green coffee powder is a sensible choice when you want an additional beverage. It’s hard to ignore the numerous health benefits that high-quality Greenbrrew Green Coffee has to offer.

More About Green Coffee

Green Coffee has long been known for its health benefits. It contains antioxidants and it can boost your overall health. Studies have shown that green coffee can reduce cholesterol levels and it can improve your cardiovascular health.

Also, green coffee can help you with weight management. It is high in catechins and chlorogenic acid which can promote fat burning and increase  metabolism rate in your body. Due to a large antioxidant content, green coffee can also protect your cells from toxins and free radicals.

As you can see, green coffee is one of the healthiest beverage. But, it is important to drink it in moderation. A large amount of green coffee will have adverse effects.

How Many Cups of Green Coffee is Safe and Beneficial to Drink in a Day?

According to the study above, a maximum intake of eight cups per day would minimize potential health risks.

There is also a misconception that it takes pot upon pot of green coffee to add up to any significant benefits. In reality, much of the research on green coffee has been based on about three cups daily.

A cup of green coffee will give you anywhere from 20-35 mg of EGCG, so three in a day will supply you with 60-105 mg. There are some studies that have used much higher doses than this -- upwards of 1,500 mg a day -- but as of now, there’s no clear-cut evidence of exactly how much is best.

Can Green Coffee Cause Dehydration?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It is known that green coffee is a natural diuretic so it helps in removing excess water from the body. Green Coffee is considered to be a very hydrating beverage but if consumed in moderation. One to three cups of green coffee per day is okay, but if you drink large amounts of green coffee, it can obviously lead to dehydration.


As you have seen green coffee can help you stay hydrated. But it is very important to drink it in moderation. It is recommended to drink three cups of green coffee during the day. Because such amount will provide you with all the necessary nutrients and it will keep you hydrated. But, if you drink too much green coffee it is not good for your health.

As we have already said, large amounts of green coffee can have many side effects, so you should be careful. You should always have in mind that water is the healthiest beverage and it makes up the biggest part of your body weight. We recommend you to enjoy your green coffee, but remember that moderation is the key to a good health.

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