Why is it easier to Reduce Weight in the Summer?

Why is it easier to Reduce Weight in the Summer?

Easier to Reduce Weight in Summer?

You might have lazed around or eaten a lot of junk during the winters. But fortunately, summer is here and its easier to reduce weight in summer. We can be ready to get active. Managing weight is definitely not an easy job, be it any season. It is being increasingly noticed that people tend to reduce more weight during summers. It reflects in their body, what they wear and their physical activities too. Still, need reasoning to how this is possible?

1. You’re in Better Mood

Sunlight is said to increase the serotonin levels or the happy hormones in the body and hence helps you be in a good mood. Depression is said to cause weight gain because you tend to stress eat while a happy mood keeps you energetic and lively.

2. More Exposure to Vitamin D

Vitamin D lowers cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is responsible for immunity and energy levels. Lower cortisol results in better immunity and energy and thus improves your stamina when you workout.

3. Good Metabolic Rate

Due to summer heat, your body stays warm and the blood cells are pumped up too. Your overall metabolic rate increases and this helps digest food better. Also, when you workout, higher metabolism helps burn more calories. The sweat glands are also more active during summers.

4. Longer Days

In summer, the days are longer, as a result, you tend to stay more active through the day as compared to winters. Winters make you cold and lethargic while summers keep you active.

5. Craving for fresh food 

Winters make you fall for hot meals, hot chocolate and cozy food which is high on calories while summers make you crave fresh, green foods and refreshing, colorful drinks which are not only low-cal but also nutritious.

6. Increased Water Intake

Due to the high temperature, you tend to drink more water or consume food in liquid form. Water being a perfect addition to your weight management diet helps in hydrating and cleansing your body as well.

7. Poor Appetite

The heat suppresses your hunger and thus you tend to eat very less unlike in winter. The metabolism is also less being compared to winters and thus very fewer munchies are required.

8. Increased Physical Activities

When the weather is warm and pleasant, no one feels like rolling under a blanket or lazing around. Summer is the season where everybody is full of life and thus seek more and more physical activities.

9. Summer Body

Everybody knows that summer means showing some extra skin. Yes! This is the season to flaunt your abs and curves and to go for a bikini beach party. These will definitely set some major weight management goals for all the fitness enthusiasts.

10. Seasonal Fruits

There are various seasonal fruits that ripen in summer. These are tastier than any of your fried junkies and thus you tend to savor your share of fresh, sweet and tangy fruits more often. This helps to bring down your calorie intake.

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